The Last Judgement 

Today, the lawlessness in Belarus is supported by the government, police, judges, prosecutors, and people in power. Therefore, people from Belarus, Israel, Italy, Russia, England and Germany got together to create a film “The Last Judgement” in response to the horrors and lawlessness in Belarus during the events that followed the rigged presidential election of 2020. The country got into a deep shock as a trusted system of law have suddenly disappeared and a new court system started working without the law. “The Last Judgement” is sponsored by the Justice for Journalists Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Life in Belarus became a distorted reality when victims are peaceful political protesters sent to prison for wearing red and white socks. Journalists are sent to prison for doing their job, doctors are sent to prison for helping the wounded. The Judges and police are breaking the law, and in this country without law, lawfulness becomes new normality. 

Watch the Last Judgement film below.