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Nikita Makarenko

Affiliated media: Telegram сhannel The Makarenko Effect, Blogger

Incident date: February 3, 2023

Attack type:

  • Bullying, intimidation, pressure, threats of violence and death, including cyber-

Who attacked: Non-authorities

Source: Telegram сhannel The Makarenko Effect

Location: Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Additional information:

Blogger Nikita Makarenko was threatened on a social network by a representative of TOSHKENT O’RDASI LLC because of posts in defense of the architectural monument. Makarenko said: «A certain Azamat Abdullayev (who introduced himself as a general contractor) texted me on Facebook and promised to "find me" and "explain" why I am a traitor and he is a "patriot"».