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Ardak Yerubaeva

Affiliated media: , Journalist

Incident date: August 31, 2022

Attack type:

  • Confiscation/seizure of property, vehicles, equipment, documents

Who attacked: Authorities

Source: Radio Azattyq

Location: Kazakhstan, Aktobe Province, Aktobe

Additional information:

On August 31, in Aktobe, journalist Ardak Yerubaeva was detained by the police when she tried to capture on camera the motorcade of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov. She was taken to the police department, where she was held for about three hours. «The two men who used brute force to take me away and put me in the police car were in civilian clothes. They took away my smartphone. I was left with a bruise on my arm. All this happened outside the regional Akimat», — says Yerubaeva. The police conducted an explanatory talk with the journalist at the station. In her turn, Ardak filed a complaint about obstruction of legitimate professional activities.