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Dulat Agadil

Affiliated media: Online activist

Incident date: February 24, 2020

Attack type:

  • Death whilst in custody or as a result of loss of health in captivity

Who attacked: Authorities

Source: Radio Azattyq

Location: Kazakhstan, Akmola Province, Nur-Sultan

Additional information:

Dulat Agadil, who participated in various protest actions and did online broadcasts of high-profile trials, was detained on the evening of February 24, and several hours later, police reported his death in the investigation-isolation cells in Nur-Sultan. The official story was that death was caused by severe cardiac insufficiency. Many activists and human rights advocates do not believe the story of “cardiac insufficiency”. They believe that the civic activist was tortured in the cell, after which he died. After the notice of Agadil’s death, unauthorized rallies took place in, in which participants demanded a transparent investigation of the circumstances of the activist’s death, the resignation of the heads of the Interior Ministry and political leadership of the country. The protests were accompanied by police detentions.