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Komiljon Akhmedov

Affiliated media: Blogger

Incident date: July 23, 2022

Attack type:

  • Court trial

Who attacked: Authorities

Source: kun.uz

Location: Uzbekistan, Kokand

Additional information:

On July 22, bloggers Olimjon Khaidarov and Komiljon Akhmedov from Fergana were arrested for 15 days on charges of spreading materials propagandizing religious hatred (Article 184.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Uzbekistan). Reportedly, Komiljon Akhmedov left a post on his Facebook channel «Kukonjonim» with the title «There is an illegal church in the city of Kokand». This post was reposted by the blogger Olimjon Khaidarov. Both bloggers later deleted the posts. On July 22, in a case considered by the Kokand City Criminal Court, Akhmedov stated that he had indeed published the above-mentioned post on his channel «Kukonzhonim», after some time he deleted the post and asked the relevant authorities to take the situation under control.