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Maxim Litvinchuk

Affiliated media: SOTAvision, Journalist

Incident date: May 3, 2023

Attack type:

  • Search with a court decree

Who attacked: Authorities


Location: Russia, Moscow, Moscow

Additional information:

On May 3, in Moscow, the apartment of the journalist of SOTAvision Maxim Litvinchuk was searched. The search warrant was based on Article 278 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violent seizure of power). The law enforcers told Litvinchuk that their actions were related to the Anti-Corruption Foundation. According to Litvinchuk, he is not formally associated in any way with the Anti-Corruption Foundation and has never worked there, but the Foundation gave him a letter of recommendation for a visa. The security forces warned him that if he informs anyone about the search, he will be visited «for the last time». Six other activists were searched at the same time. Litvinchuk left Russia after the search. Out of concern for his safety, he reported his departure from Russia after he had already crossed the border.