Tamta Dolenjashvili - Justice for Journalists

Tamta Dolenjashvili

Affiliated media: TV channel Pirveli , Correspondent

Incident date: October 2, 2021

Attack type:

  • Bullying, intimidation, pressure, threats of violence and death, including cyber-

Who attacked: Unknown sources

Source: TV channel Pirveli

Location: Georgia, Batumi

Additional information:

In Batumi, the Pirveli TV channel film crew (reporter Tamta Dolenjashvili and cameraman Giorgo Kokhodze) was kidnapped. They were filming a story at the polling station №20 and were trying to find out what two minibuses with people suspected of falsifying the election results were doing. Suddenly, the driver started the engine and drove the journalists in an unknown direction. A few minutes later, he let the journalists go, stating that he was «joking».