JFJ Investigative Grant Programme Completed

LONDON, 11 JANUARY 2024 – Today, Justice for Journalists Foundation (JFJ) celebrates the end of its five-year-long investigative grant programme, which has supported over 80 media outlets, independent journalists, and media freedom NGOs from 40 countries. All existing grant agreements remain valid through their termination date.
Among many findings, our worldwide grant programme has highlighted the most dangerous places for media freedom and underlined the crucial role of independent journalism in revealing the truth and upholding the democratic values. We are proud to have raised awareness and caused positive changes in several countries thanks to the joint efforts of our grantees and partners.
In autocratic states, the only defenders of journalists are often the media workers themselves. Governed by fear, societies with no functioning legal system or independent judiciary fail to provide meaningful support to their own media communities, while the regimes become increasingly creative in their attempts to stifle free speech.
Together with our partners, we will continue to scrutinise these practices, unveil the methods of attacks, and advocate for an enhanced space for freedom of the press. JFJ will also continue to adapt and deliver risk assessment and safety training programmes for media workers facing ever-changing security challenges.
The most severe threats are clearly seen in conflict zones, where preparedness and learned skills literally save lives. In 2024, JFJ will dedicate the remainder of our grant funds to providing more war reporters with access to risk assessment and HEFAT (Hostile Environment and First Aid Training) sessions.
Media workers forced into exile will also continue to benefit from JFJ’s professional training, aimed at boosting their security and connection with audiences back home.
Finally, in 2024, we will focus on fundraising to further develop what we do best: research, analysis, increasing media safety, and advocating for remedies.
We thank all our partners and colleagues for their continued cooperation and look forward to implementing more exciting joint projects in the future.