Inga Imanbay - Justice for Journalists

Inga Imanbay

Affiliated media: Journalist

Incident date: March 1, 2020

Attack type:

  • Non-fatal attack / beating / injury / torture

Who attacked: Authorities

Source: Adil Soz

Location: Kazakhstan, Almaty Province, Almaty

Additional information:

Janbolat Mamay reported on Facebook of the attack on his wife, the journalist Inga Imanbay. A person in plainclothes visited Mamay and introduced himself as a police officer and said that he and his wife were being summoned to an interrogation in a certain criminal case. Imanbay reported that when she tried to record the detention of her husband on video, she was pushed, and struck her head on a metal fence. Imanbay was then admitted to a hospital in Kaskelen. The preliminary diagnosis was a concussion.