Trouble with the Truth

Trouble with the Truth is the podcast produced by Lana Estemirova in partnership with the Justice for Journalists Foundation. Lana talks to brave and resilient journalists from around the world who face persecution just for doing their job and lets her audience hear voices that usually remain hidden behind the curtain.

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The Myanmar coup: how people united to resist the military junta

A tale of grit and courage: what it takes to be a journalist in Syria

“Between a rock and a hard place”- the challenges of being a journalist in Somalia

How the rich and powerful drown journalists in lawsuits: the case of Clare Rewcastle-Brown

The mysterious murder of Pavel Sheremet

Enemy of the state: inside Turkey’s crackdown on independent journalism

There Were More: The Insider and Bellingcat Links Alexei Navalny’s Poisoners to Three Political Assassinations

SLAPPs, corruption and dirty money: how UK firms help silence investigative journalism

Inside the Justice for Journalists Foundation

Tackling disinformation in the times of the coronavirus pandemic

In Mexico, being a journalist is deadly business – Part 2

This is bigger than one man: Rebecca Vincent on Julian Assange’s trial, how to combat disinformation and handle twitter trolls

Breaking taboos – the danger of speaking out on women’s rights in the North Caucasus

In Mexico, being a journalist is a deadly business

Kyrgyz Kloop media and the power of youth journalism

The humiliation of Salman Tepsurkaev: Another love of depravity in the crackdown on Kadyrov’s critics

After Daphne: Shift News continues the fight against corruption in Malta

Ivan Safronov’s treason charge- a warning to the Russian journalist community?

Protests in Belarus