A statement in support of arrested media workers

London, June, 8 2021 – The Justice for Journalists Foundation and its Media Risk Map partners monitoring attacks on media workers in the post-Soviet space call on international organisations and governments of all countries to do their utmost to secure the early release of all incarcerated media workers and to end the barbaric violations of their rights. According to the JFJ’s experts, at least 84 media workers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Crimea, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are awaiting trial in detention or under house arrests, or have already been sentenced to long-term imprisonment and are held in prisons and prison camps. 

Such actions by governments are undemocratic and violate two fundamental human freedoms: the right to liberty (article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and the right to just and favourable conditions of work(article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). 

According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, as of June, 8 2021, 33 media workers are detained in Belarus. At least 42 Russian and Crimean professional and citizen journalists are imprisoned or held under house arrest in Russia and Crimea. All these journalists, as well as nine incarcerated media workers in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan have been deprived of their liberty just for fulfilling their professional duties by reporting objectively and independently.  

More information about attacks on journalists, bloggers and media workers is available on JFJ Media Risk Map and in the Incidents Database.  

Below is a list of media workers who currently in prisons as of June 8, 2021


  1. Polad Aslanov, the editor-in-chief of the Xeberman and Press-az news websites
  2. Elchin Mammadli, editor-in-chief of the Yüksəlişnaminə newspaper
  3. Afgan Sadigov, the head of the online publication Azel.Tv
  4. Aslan Gurbanov, blogger  
  5. Elchin Hasanzade, blogger 
  6. Ibrahim Turksoy, blogger 


  1. Roman Protasevich, ex-editor in chief of social media news channel NEXTA
  2. Katsyaryna Andreyeva, Belsat journalist 
  3. Darya Chultsova, Belsat journalist 
  4. Yulia Slutskaya, founder of the Press Club Belarus 
  5. Siarhei Alsheusk, director of the Press Club Belarus
  6. Alla Sharko, program director of the Press Club Belarus
  7. Petr Slutski, camera operator of the Press Club Belarus
  8. Ksenia Lutskina, former journalist of the state TV channel Belarus 2
  9. Andrey Alexandrov, journalist and media manager
  10. Denis Ivashin, investigative journalist of the international community InformNapalm, collaborates with the newspaper Novy Chas
  11. Andrey Pochobut, journalist
  12. Lyudmila Chekina, general director at TUT.BY
  13. Marina Zolotova, editor-in-chief at TUT.BY
  14. Olga Loyko, editor-in-chief at TUT.BY
  15. Elena Tolkacheva, journalist 
  16. Alla Lapatko, chief engineer at TUT.BY
  17. Maria Novik, deputy chief accountant at TUT.BY
  18. Irina Rybalko, deputy accountant at TUT.BY  
  19. Daria Danilova, project manager at TUT.BY
  20. Andrei Avdeed, manager atTUT.BY
  21. Angela Assad, chief accountant at TUT.BY
  22. Alexander Daineka, deputy general director for Technical Affairs at TUT.BY
  23. Sergey Povalishev, CEO of
  24. Igor Losik, blogger, administrator of Telegram-channel Belamova (Belarus Golovnogo Mozga)  
  25. Sergey Petrukhin, blogger, YouTube channel Narodny Reporter
  26. Alexander Kabanov, blogger, YouTube channel Narodny Reporter
  27. Vladimir Tsyganovich, blogger, MozgON
  28. Vladimir Neronsky. YouTube channel “Slutsk dlya zhizni” (Slutsk for Life)
  29. Dmitry Kozlov, blogger “Seryy kot” (Gray Cat) 
  30. Sergei Tikhanovsky, YouTube channel Country for Life
  1. Yulia Chernyavskaya, widow of the founder of TUT.BY 
  2. Ekaterina Tkachenko, lawyer of TUT.BY
  3. Irina Kostyuchenko, former lawyer of TUT.BY 


  1. Vladislav Esipenko, freelancer, Crimea. Realities, Radio Liberty
  2. Server Mustafayev, coordinator, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  3. Seyran Saliev, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  4. Timur Ibragimov, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  5. Marlen Asanov, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  6. Remzi Bekirov, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity, correspondent for Grani.Ru
  7. Ruslan Suleimanov, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  8. Osman Arifmemetov, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  9. Rustem Sheikhaliev, citizen journalist, Crimean Solidarity
  10. Oleksiy Bessarabov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the “Chernomorskaya bezopasnost” magazine, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
  1. Amet Suleimanov, streamer,Crimean Solidarity


  1. Nikolay Babarika, blogger
  2. Aleksandr Valov, editor-in-chief and founder of local news site BlogSochi
  3. Vladimir Vorontsov, the founder of the Police Ombudsman
  4. Abdulmumin Gadzhiev, religion section editor of the independent newspaper Chernovik
  5. Andrey Deineko, blogger
  6. Ayrat Dilmukhametov, politician, publicist
  7. Aleksandr Dorogov,  co-deputy chief editor of Rosderzhava
  8. Pavel Zelensky, a camera operator for Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK)
  9. Ismail Isaev, blogger
  10. Yan Katelevskiy, Rosderzhava co-deputy chief editor
  11. Alexander Kolomeitsev, video blogger
  12. Maxim Lavrentiev, Rosderzhava journalist 
  13. Konstantin Lakeev, blogger
  14. Ivan Lyubshin, blogger
  15. Salekh Magamadov, blogger
  16. Rashid Maysigov, a former journalist of news outlet Fortanga
  17. Alibek Mirzekhanov, blogger
  18. Dmitry Nadein, video blogger
  19. Boris Obraztsov, Tridevyatyy region
  20. Daria Polyudova, blogger, political activist
  21. Andrei Pyzh, YouTube blogger  
  22. Ramilya Saitova, activist, blogger
  23. Zarifa Sautieva, a former journalist of news outlet Fortanga
  24. Ivan Safronov, a former journalist of Kommersant and Vedomosti
  25. Aytahadzhi Halimov, blogger 
  26. Malika Dzhikaeva, blogger
  1. Sergey Kamensky, blogger
  2. Armen Aramyan, DOXA
  3. Alla Gutnikova, DOXA 
  4. Vladimir Metelkin, DOXA
  5. Natalia Tyshkevich, DOXA


  1. Miraziz Bazarov, blogger 
  2. Otabek Sattoriy, blogger 


  1. Nurgeldi Halykov, freelance correspondent of Turkmen.News 

The organizations who signed the statement: