Grant Winners to Receive Free Life and Emergency Assistance Insurance

15 March 2021, London – Starting today, the Justice for Journalists Foundation is providing free emergency insurance coverage to all recipients of its investigative grants.

Previously, Justice for Journalists required all grant applicants to include insurance cover in their grant budget proposals. Now, insurance cover will be provided by Justice for Journalists free of charge to all grant recipients regardless of the location of their investigative work.   

Justice for Journalists will offer these benefits both to the new grantees receiving support under its 2021 Grants Programme and those who have received our support during previous rounds of the annual grant programme and who are still working on their investigations. The emergency insurance is valid for the whole duration of the journalists’ work in the field. 

An insurance policy certificate and leaflet on how to make a claim will be provided to all grantees upon signing the new grant agreements with JFJ and to grant recipients from the previous rounds upon undertaking a field trip. The grantees are encouraged to carefully review the enrollment information to ensure the emergency insurance selection meets their potential needs during the field trip. Any additional insurance needs must be included in the grant budget proposals, as before. 

The insurance scheme has been arranged by Insurance for Local with Atlas Life Insurance (PPC) Ltd and reinsured through Lloyds of London. The policy covers accidental death and accident medical expenses including accident medical emergency evacuation from the point of an incident plus repatriation home when required. Please do not hesitate to contact Justice for Journalists Foundation for any questions regarding the plan available to you or to request additional information.