The Justice for Journalists Foundation condemns violence against media workers on July 5 in Tbilisi

The Justice for Journalists Foundation calls on Georgian authorities to immediately conduct a full and impartial investigation into the unprecedented violence on media workers in Tbilisi on July 5 2021. Over 50 media workers were severely beaten and injured as a result of attacks by a homophobic mob protesting against Tbilisi Pride and the “March of Dignity” planned by LGBTQ+ activists. 

The JFJ has registered 107 attacks on 54 journalists, camerapersons and photo correspondents who were deliberately assaulted while engaged in their professional activities. 14 female journalists are among the victims. Most of the journalists suffered severe injuries, fractures and concussions, and some journalists required surgeries. Attackers strived to cause the maximum damage to the journalists’ professional equipment – in most cases, it could not be restored. At the same time, several cyber-attacks were carried out on the news websites, including and 

In most cases, the attacks were carried out in the presence of priests and police officers who did not intervene, enabling the participants of the homophobic rally to attack media workers with impunity. The Prime Minister and the leadership of the Georgian Dream political party put the blame on the organisers of Tbilisi Pride even before the results of an objective investigation could be received.    

The Justice for Journalists Foundation calls on the Georgian government to conduct a thorough investigation of what happened on July 5 and bring to justice those involved in the crimes against journalists.   

The list of journalists subjected to attacks presented below. The data about attacks is also available on the JFJ Media Risk Map:

  1. Aleksandre Lashkarava, cameraperson, TV channel Pirveli
  2. Anri Jokhaidze, cameraperson, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  3. Beqa Atabegashvili, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2 
  4. Dato Koridze, cameraperson, Radio Liberty
  5. David Akhaladze, cameraperson, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  6. Dea Mamiseishvili, correspondent, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi 
  7. Dimitri Krimnishvili, correspondent, TV channel Imedi 
  8. Giga Gelviidze, correspondent, 
  9. Giorgi Gabunia, journalist, TV channel Formula
  10. Giorgi Kvitsinadze, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2
  11. Giorgi Maisashvili, cameraperson, TV channel Formula 
  12. Giorgi Nikolishvili, photo correspondent, Interpressnews
  13. Giorgi Pertia, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2
  14. Guga Dvalishvili, correspondent, TV channel Formula 
  15. Guga Maisuradze, correspondent, TV channel Pirveli
  16. Guram Todadze, correspondent, TV channel Pirveli 
  17. Ilia Tyaliashvilli, camera operator, public broadcaster’s First Channel 
  18. Irakli Bakhtadze, correspondent, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  19. Keta Tsitskishvili, correspondent, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  20. Lekso Khomasuridze, journalist, TV channel Formula
  21. Levan Bregvadze, cameraperson, TV channel Pirveli 
  22. Levan Kalandia, cameraperson, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  23. Luka Khachidze, correspondent, TV channel Formula 
  24. Luka Pertaia, correspondent,
  25. Mako Jabua, correspondent, Tabula 
  26. Mariam Kumsishvili, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2
  27. Marika Gotsiridze, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2
  28. Merab Tsaava, correspondent, Gurianews 
  29. Miranda Bagaturia, correspondent, TV channel Pirveli 
  30. Natia Koberidze, freelance journalist
  31. Natia Kokosadze, correspondent, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  32. Nikoloz Kaliashvili, camera operator, TV channel Formula 
  33. Nikoloz Urushadze, journalist, TV channel Rustavi-2 
  34. Nino Gazdeliani, correspondent, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi 
  35. Nino Vardzelashvili, correspondent, TV channel Formula 
  36. Rati Tsverava, correspondent, TV channel Formula 
  37. Roman Tarugishvili, cameraperson, TV channel Palitra  
  38. Ruso Jabanishvili, correspondent, TV channel Pirveli 
  39. Salome Bokuchava, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2
  40. Shota Sikinchalashvili, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2 
  41. Shota Kervalishvili, cameraperson, TV channel Imedi 
  42. Sulkhan Elbakidze, cameraperson, TV channel Formula 
  43. Tamta Kakhaberidze, correspondent, 
  44. Tamuna Chkareuli, correspondent, Radio Liberty
  45. Tornike Barnabishvili, cameraperson, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  46. Tornike Mandaria, correspondent, Radio Liberty
  47. Tiko Susareishvili, journalist, Adjara Public Broadcaster 
  48. Vakho Kareli, photo correspondent, TV channel Formula
  49. Vazha Chkhaidze, cameraperson, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi 
  50. Zaza Kapanadze, cameraperson, TV channel Formula
  51. Zurab Managadze, correspondent, TV channel Rustavi-2 
  52. Zurab Tsertsvadze, photo correspondent, Al-Jazeera
  53. Tako Lekveishvili, journalist, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi
  54. Levan Ablotia, cameraperson, TV channel Mtavari Arkhi