The State of Freelancing in 2019

Frontline Freelance Register has launched a comprehensive survey to canvas freelance journalists about their work practices and their safety concerns – from physical safety, digital security, to mental health trauma and sexual misconduct. The objective of the survey is to understand more about the issues that concern freelance journalists who are exposed to risk in their work.

For example, the questions on income will support an ongoing message with media organisations that payment is linked to a freelancer’s ability to keep safe while on assignment. The questions on working with editors will better inform collaborations with the ACOS Alliance who have been doing excellent work training editors to be more responsive and aware of the safety needs of freelance journalists.

Some of the questions in the survey are sensitive, and therefore respondents may choose not to answer every question or if they do, they may choose not to include their names or email to keep their identity anonymous.

Please follow the link to complete the survey. The deadline is 17 June 2019.