Trouble with the Truth is now available on YouTube. First episode: Protests in Belarus revisited & the kidnapping or Roman Protasevich

London, 28 June 2021 – Today, the Justice for Journalists Foundation launches the YouTube version of Lana Estemirova’s Trouble with the Truth podcast. The audio podcast will continue to be available on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts.

Last year’s protests in Belarus seemed like a watershed moment that was poised to bring an end to the 26-year rule of president Alexander Lukashenko.  However, the peaceful demonstrations were met with state-sanctioned violence that saw thousands of people imprisoned, hundreds subjected to police beating and many more fleeing the country.

The dramatic abduction of journalist Roman Protasevich, whose Ryanair flight was force-landed in Minsk, created an international scandal. While he is currently under house arrest, his future looks bleak. 

In the latest episode of Trouble with the Truth, Lana Estemirova talks to Alex Kokcharov and Hanna Liubakova about the role of telegram channels in resistance, the fate of Protasevich, whether sanctions work and how crackdown on Belarussian media is complicating the job of reporters.

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