Journalist Vadym Komarov: Killed for investigating corruption

Journalist and blogger Vadym Komarov battled against corruption in his native Cherkasy, Ukraine. Then someone snuck up behind Komarov and hit him on the head with a hammer in the city center. After a month in a coma, Komarov died. A year since his murder, police still haven’t caught the attacker. Komarov’s fellow journalists and bloggers are afraid that this egregious crime will never be solved.

This story is part of a special project by the Kyiv Post, Dying for Truth, a series of stories documenting violence against journalists in Ukraine. Since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, more than 50 journalists have been killed across Ukraine. Most of the crimes have been poorly investigated, and the killers remain unpunished. The project is supported by JFJ Investigative Grant Programme.

The story was originally published on the Kyiv Post website.